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Great! I just wasn't sure if the staff page was exclusively for the Minecraft server, I'm very relieved that you are also looking for Discord moderators. Thank you!
5 months ago

Papl, thank you for the constructive critisism. I appreciate the tip, and wish you luck in getting a position as well. Hopefully we'll be working together soon!
5 months ago

This will be the second time I request this, as you staff are hopefully aware. In the Discord server there are users continually spamming, using offensive language, and scaring away potential players even as I type this message. While I understand you staff have lives outside of this fictional game, the people in the chat are very real- real people being hurt by other people. Since the current staff is very limited and not suited to the situation currently unfolding in the Discord, I have to ask again that more moderation is set in place. While optimistic, I fear the same problem will arise in the minecraft chat, and this server has already proven that it needs a large, dedicated team who want this place to be a safe, open, clean place for people to challenge and better themselves in gameplay- not social patience and arguing. Thank you.
5 months ago

Moved my submission to the outside threads. Thank you for considering me!
5 months ago

  1. The Minecraft username I am currently using is RustedGizmo.
  2. My nickname in this Minecraft server's Discord is RustedGizmo, while my actual Discord is cinnamontography#7829.
  3. I am 16 years old.
  4. I have been a moderator in a Discord server with roughly 150 members for two years, and I am known to be a fair, unbiased mod who considers everyone's wellbeing when making a moderating decision. I do not mod solely on emotions, and I will always do my best to be unbiast when considering the impact of a troublemaking user. I like to keep in close contact with the other staff. In the Discord I moderated, I even became very close friends with a few members, even keeping in contact after the chat shut down! I recognize that this is what users are looking for when joining something along the lines of a Discord server or a Minecraft server. We want place to feel safe, have fun, and make friends and acquaintances with the people around them. I want to help make this a strong community, banding the users together to face the more challenging odds of the server as a group of teams. Along with general chat moderation, I am willing to help shape the code of rules and take disciplinary action on users who don't abide to the agreed-upon code.
  5. I live in the UTC-7, Pacific Time.
  6. On a typical weekday, I can be online for 2-6 hours, usually in the afternoon or evening. There are exceptions to this- from Friday-Sunday I can usually be on in the mornings, and for longer periods of time!
5 months ago