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I have 4 vote crate keys and they dont work, what do i do in that case?
7 months ago

  1. MC username that you're using NotDenis
  2. You nickname on Discord NotDenis#0808
  3. Your age Almost 11
  4. Any experience in moderation? If so please explain. Ok so basically i own a server on minehut it had max players on it a day *Probably cause it was skyblock* I have staff on some server's here and there i used to be one on a server called BUT! the owner demoted all staff and banned them cause he "NeDDed NEw ONeS" I Also did a series on my channel where i toyed with hackers but i delete them :/
  5. Your timezone? (GMT+3)
  6. How many hours per day can you dedicate to ATLANTIS? Probably 3-4 Hours 
7 months ago

7 months ago